PVC-U Sewage Pipe

PVC-U Sewage Pipe

PVC-U Sewage Pipe

Description of PVC-U Sewage Pipe

PVC-U sewage pipe and fittings are manufactured in strict accordance with ISO3633:2002 and BS2522/4514. We supply complete sets of PVC-U sewage pipe and fittings which adopt solvent cement jointing.

Based on the high quality and with our many years experience of supplying PVC-U drain pipe and fittings, our products are widely sold all over the country and to the southeast Asia in various building drainage projects.

Feature of PVC-U Sewage Pipe

PVC-U is a rigid unplasticized material with good surface rigidity and tensile resistance, as well as high compressive rating and pipe safety factor.

  1. Good aging resistance with normal lifetime up to 50 years;
  2. Good chemical resistance to acids, alkalis and salts, suitable for sewage and industrial effluent disposal;
  3. Low coefficient of friction of PVC-U pipe results in efficient flow and less needs for maintenance;
  4. A combustion-proof material at grade B2 with high oxygen value, self extinguishing;
  5. The Coefficient of linear expansion is 0.007mm/m.℃, thermal expansion of PVC-U pipe is less than polyolefin by 100%-130%, low thermal conductivity and elastic modulus, better cold-resistance than cast iron sewage pipe;
  6. Solvent cement jointing of pipe and fittings are easy to handle and install.

Jointing of PVC-U Sewage Pipe

The following procedures should be adhered when making socket-spigot jointing:

  1. Clean the external surface of spigot and internal surface of socket before jointing.
  2. Measure the depth of socket, and make the spigot at the distance equivalent to the depth of the socket.
  3. Apply solvent cement, first spread to the internal surface of the socket, then to the pipe end evenly and in adequate quantity.
  4. Push the pipe into the socket till reaching the mark, and then rotate it by 90°.
  5. Remove all excess solvent cement around the joint.
  6. The joint should be left undisturbed until it becomes solid.

Cautions on the use of solvent cement:

  1. Unpacked solvent cement and cleaning fluid should be used immediately and only by designated people.
  2. There should be no flame near joint, and ensure adequate ventilation.
  3. Bonding should not take place under -10°, and the joint should not be warmed by fire.

Application of PVC-U Sewage Pipe

  1. Internal and external discharge piping are widely used for industrial and civil high building;
  2. The continuous sewerage discharge temperature should not exceed 40℃, and the instantaneous sewerage discharge temperature should not exceed 80℃;

Cutting and Chamfering of PVC-U Sewage Pipe

  1. Cutting:
    • The cutting length should be determined by measurement and according to the dimensions of fittings;
    • Use fine tooth panel saw, cutter and pipe cutting machine;
    • The cut should be square without any distortion;
  2. Chamfering:
    • The outside edge of the pipe end should be chamfered to 15°-30°using medium grade file;
    • The chamfer length is generally not less than 3mm, and the chamfer thickness is 1/3-1/3 of wall thickness;
    • Remove scrap after chamfering.

Protection of Socket and Spigot

  • After jointing, remove excess adhesive by using cleaning agent such as acetone;
  • Wait till the bond cure according to the adhesive behavior and the circumstance condition;
  • In winter, the cure time should be adequately prolonged.