PE Pipeline

PE Pipeline

PEX-Al-PEX Pipeline

Description of PE Pipeline

  1. All pipes are in standard sizes from 16 up to 500 mm of outer diameter.
  2. All dimensions are in accordance with the DIN (8074) & ISO (4472) standard.

Application of PE Pipeline

It is widely used in the following fields:

  • Potable water supply
  • Irrigation System
  • Waste water transport
  • Gas pipelines
  • Industrial piping
  • Cable ducts

Features of PE Pipeline

  1. Light weight;
  2. Does not corrode;
  3. Resistant to chemical fertilizers and herbicides;
  4. Non toxic and odorless;
  5. Resistant to harsh climate;
  6. Up to 50 years' durability;
  7. Resistant to deformation;
  8. Smooth interior structure, low friction losses;
  9. Low labor coat for handling and installing;
  10. Reliable performance and easy maintenance.