PEX-Al-PEX Pipeline

PEX-Al-PEX Pipeline

PEX-Al-PEX Pipeline

Description of PEX-AL-PEX Pipeline

It is made of aluminum layer sandwiched between two layers of PE(X):

  • The metal layer serves as an oxygen barrier, stopping oxygen diffusion through the polymer matrix, so it cannot dissolve into the water in the tube and corrode the metal components of the system.
  • It also bends better, as the shape memory of PEX is offset by the aluminum.
  • Dimension: DN.16-32mm
  • Color: natural color
  • Form supplied: coil

Application of PEX-AL-PEX Pipeline

As a key type of building material, it is especially used in the following fields:

  1. Under-floor heating system of residential building, public building, bathroom, swimming pool and outdoor thawing;
  2. Distribution of gas and air;
  3. Cold and hot water supply and pipelines for drinking water system;
  4. Solar energy, air-conditioning & refrigeration system.

Advantages of PEX-AL-PEX Pipeline

  1. Very strong consistency and good bending ability;
  2. Superior resistant properties of high temperature, high pressure, corrosion and fire;
  3. Smooth inner surface of the pipe reduces flow resistance to fluids and has the ability to convey water more efficiently than metal pipes by 30%;
  4. Thermal conductivity is 0.45W/m.k and is more cost effective than metal pipes, therefore, saves insulation material costs used for outer pipes;
  5. Easy cutting and convenient installation;
  6. Underground pipes are easily found with metal detectors;
  7. With the excellent static-shield properties, it is often used for covering electric cabling.