The PE-RT II pipe, the upgrading product of PE-RT pipe, adopts the DOWLEX2388 material produced by American Dow Chemical Corporate. It is the optimal choice for high-end housing heating due to its higher resistance to temperature, static fluid press, stress cracking as well as the good heat-conductivity and flexibility.


Imported raw material
The raw material of PE-RT II pipe is imported with original packaging from American without any intermediate circulation.
Flexible connection
The pipe can be connected using low-cost injection-molding assembling parts by hot-melting connecting. The connection is safe and reliable.
Authoritative certification
It has passed the test of authoritative organization both at home and abroad. The performances are much higher than international standard.

The PE-RT II pipe is made of Dowlex 2388 raw material.

Comparing with other PE-RT raw mateirals, Dowlex 2388 own many special advantages

  1. DOWLEX™ 2388 PE Resin is a type II PE-RT (Polyethylene of Raised Temperature Resistance) resin offering excellent strength.
  2. By Now, no other polyethylene resin has been proven to perform like DOWLEX 2388 PE Resin in hot water pipes without being cross-linked. It is an ethylene-octene copolymer, produced by our proprietary Solution process and featuring a unique molecular structure with a controlled side chain distribution.
  3. DOWLEX 2388 PE Resin provides improved hydrostatic strength and processability over existing materials in a variety of heating/cooling System and hot and cold drinking water supply networks. Pipes produced from the resin also offer excellent stress crack resistance, thermal conductivity, and good flexibility.
  4. The excellent processability of DOWLEX 2388 PE Resin is a key benefit of the product, especially for the fastest growing market segment, composite pipes.
  5. DOWLEX 2388 PE Resin offers two installation benefits: improved connectivity and greater flexibility than traditional materials. It can be welded, which enables connection through inexpensive, injection-molded connectors.


The PE-RT II Pipe can be used for Hot and Cold Water System, e.g.:

  1. Hot/cold drinking water distributions
  2. Radiator connections
  3. Heating/cooling applications